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Welcome to my blog!

I’ve always kept a diary of some sort so I can remember things from my past.  I would always go back and read them to see how much I’ve grown since then, and also to go back and learn from my own experiences.  I figured why not bring my diary online for the whole world to read and hopefully get benefit from.

I strongly believe that we all learn from each others experiences.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I know I’m always watching something on YouTube learning from others people’s life lessons so it’s my hope that I can help at least 1 person while I’m recording my whereabouts.

I’ll keep adding content here to this blog to keep you up to date on my experiences.  I’ll always be real and up front,  I’ll be hiding nothing… raw footage.

Feel free to share my content as well throughout social media and the internet.  You never know who you might help.  It’s kind of crazy how big the internet is and how a piece of content can make it all the way around the world.

Well I look forward to sharing my first of many posts with you.  I’m almost done with it and ready to publish if for you to read.  Stay connected here and I hope that in someway I’m able to help you!



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